Military Money Tip: File Your Claim for Stop Loss Pay before Dec. 18

Retroactive Stop Loss Service Pay for Military

Photo by Sgt. Richard Rzepka

The new deadline for eligible service members to apply for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay (RSLSP)  is closing in.  The date has been extended to December 18 and the law requires that it not be extended again. 

What is Stop Loss?  Stop loss is basically when service members’ terms of duty were involuntarily extended.   A bill passed in 2009, called the War Supplemental Appropriations Act, authorized a retroactive stop loss special pay of $500 for every month or partial month served in stop loss status.    If your service was involuntarily extended between 9/11/2001 and 9/20/2009 you may be eligible. 

In order to receive the stop loss pay, you must submit a claim.  The average benefit is $3,700. 

For more information, check out the Defense Department website:

Or you can call your specific military service branch:

Army:   877-736-5554

Marine Corps:  877-242-2830

Navy:  901-874-4427

Air Force:  800-525-0102

Who is eligible:  Active or Reserve military members who experienced “stop loss” or the survivor of a service member who did.

This is money that the government owes our military  members for service to our country.   The only way to receive Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay is to submit an application by December 18th.  If you think you might qualify for stop loss pay, please contact your service branch office to learn more and begin the RSLSP claim process.   If you know anyone who you think might qualify for RSLSP, please contact them and encourage them to apply.