Do Your Own Taxes

Welcome to Roberg Tax Solutions do-it-yourself tax page! The software is pretty easy to understand, but you may have some tax questions that aren’t answered in the program. At the bottom of the page, I’ve listed some links that may be helpful.

A few suggestions before you start:

  1. Make a password that can’t be hacked into. Your tax return has seriously confidential information. Don’t lose your password! I can’t get into your account for you so it’s really important that you write your password down and keep it in a safe place.
  2. Print out a copy of your return when you’re finished. If you’re really against paper, make a PDF copy and save it on a jump drive.
  3. Make sure you have all of your documents before you start. I know it’s really tempting to get your taxes in as fast as possible when you know you’ve got a refund coming. You must have your actual W-2s to file. You can’t file with paystubs. The IRS does something called “document matching” – if the W-2 your employer submits to the IRS doesn’t match the tax return, you can expect a letter from them.



Prices for Using are as follows:


EZ – FREE  single or married, no children or dependents, claiming the standard deduction  Add your state return for FREE also

$24.95  – life is a bit more complicated:  kids, investments, child care, college, home ownership.  Add your state return for $19.95

$44.95  –  You’ll pay this if you’re self-employed, such as a freelancer or contractor, or have other less common forms of income like rental or farming, partner or shareholder income from a Schedule K1 or other less common income sources, credits or deductions.  Add your state return for $24.95.

Taxpayers will automatically receive the lowest price option available for their tax situation.


Useful Links for Do-It-Yourselfers: